Oct 272015

thetatrendAs an active trader, I am always interested in learning about different trading strategies. I have two or three strategies that I have been able to learn and trade with consistent results, but not all strategies will work in all market environments. Additionally, not all trading strategies are compatible with the trader, whether it be their risk tolerance or perhaps their account size. Regular readers of this blog know that I have been experimenting with a weekly straddle strategy using S&P 500 futures options. The strategy is a proven strategy, but it is not working for me simply because the positions are too large for my account. When this happens, it puts a psychological strain on the trader which makes it nearly impossible to make rational trading decisions. In my own personal situation, I have decided to just look for a graceful way to exit the trades even if I don’t make a profit. It has been a learning experience, but at this point, it is not an appropriate strategy for me. But this article is not about me or my trading. It is about a new options trading course that was just introduced this week – the CIB Trading Course from Theta Trend.

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May 252015

LTOptions-LogoSeveral months ago I published an article entitled, Trading Mentors. In this post, I outlined not only the importance of having a trading mentor, but also the dangers of blindly following another persons trades without fully understanding what they are doing and why they are doing it. The article also provided links to a select number of websites that, in my opinion, offer great educational content for new and seasoned traders.

One of the websites that I recommend is The Lazy Trader (www.the-lazy-trader.com). Authored by Henrik Santander, The Lazy Trader has grown to become one of the most popular option-trading websites on the internet. Henrik’s trading methodology involves the selling of credit spreads and iron condors on the large indexes utilizing a very low-risk model. He posts all of his trades on the website as well as a weekly review of his entire portfolio.  In fact, Henrik’s blog is what inspired me to create my own website. Continue reading »