Trading Results - 2017

To help track trade performance, the portfolio is initiated on January 1st of each year with $10,000. This is necessary to demonstrate the validity of the ideas and neatly track returns. $10,000 was chosen for the following reasons:

  1. $10,000 is a nice, round number that will make the math easy when tracking results.
  2. This size of account provides an opportunity to trade wider spreads without having to utilize an excessively high percentage of available capital (buying power).
  3. It is representative of the capital that a new trader might have when starting out in options trading.

All of the positions below were actually traded in my account and accurately reflect the trading results achieved in the account.

Prior Year Returns: (click to see actual trades)

January 2017

Starting Balance: $10,000.00

Trade Balance:  +$197.00 (+1.97% performance before commissions)
Commissions: $35.04
Profit/Loss: +161.96 (+1.62% performance after commissions)
Ending Balance: $10,161.96 (+1.62% YTD)

February 2017

Starting Balance: $10,161.96

Trade Balance:  -$720.00 (-7.09% performance before commissions)
Commissions: $39.84
Profit/Loss: -759.84 (-7.47% performance after commissions)
Ending Balance: $9,402.12 (-5.98% YTD)

March 2017

Starting Balance: $9,402.12