LT Options Trading Course – A Review

LTOptions-LogoSeveral months ago I published an article entitled, Trading Mentors. In this post, I outlined not only the importance of having a trading mentor, but also the dangers of blindly following another persons trades without fully understanding what they are doing and why they are doing it. The article also provided links to a select number of websites that, in my opinion, offer great educational content for new and seasoned traders.

One of the websites that I recommend is The Lazy Trader ( Authored by Henrik Santander, The Lazy Trader has grown to become one of the most popular option-trading websites on the internet. Henrik’s trading methodology involves the selling of credit spreads and iron condors on the large indexes utilizing a very low-risk model. He posts all of his trades on the website as well as a weekly review of his entire portfolio.  In fact, Henrik’s blog is what inspired me to create my own website.

Recently, Henrik has created a premium trading course, LT Options – Consistent Options Trading System, which is available for purchase at The course is a real bargain at only $120.00. It includes over seven hours of downloadable videos that cover a span of about three months of actual trading. The course begins with Henrik clearly demonstrating how he sets up his trading platform and charts on ThinkOrSwim. He then goes into detail as to how he analyzes an underlying, selects the proper strikes and places the trade. Since the videos were recorded over the course of three months, you can view in “real time” as he analyzes his positions and makes adjustments to threatened positions.

Henrik’s trading style is based around probabilities trading. That being said, he has an interesting approach to technical analysis which utilizes a few key oscillators, moving averages and trendlines. He spends considerable time explaining how he draws meaningful trendlines on the chart. The LT Options condenses what is often an overly complex task of technical analysis and breaks it down to the bare essentials which provide reliable signals and results.

Many trading courses talk about how to place “winning trades.” But few of them ever provide in-depth training on what to do when a trade goes wrong. This course covers the subject of trade adjustment extensively by providing real life examples of how to determine if an adjustment is necessary, and what type of adjustment to make. Even as an experienced trader, I found these videos to be particularly engaging.

In addition to the 32 videos, a 50-page PDF booklet is included with the course which covers many of the topics discussed on the videos. I found the booklet to be very helpful and would suggest reading it first before watching the videos.  A sample chapter of the booklet can be downloaded here.

The production quality of the videos is very good. Most of the videos are screen captures of Henrik’s trading platform and are high enough resolution that you can easily read everything on his TOS platform. The audio track is also very clear and Henrik’s voice is very easy to understand.

I would highly recommend that anyone who is interested in options trading purchase the LT Options course. It is a very small investment and I am sure that even more experienced traders will find the course worthwhile. If you learn and apply Henrik’s trading methodology, it will make you a better and more consistent trader.

  • The Lazy Trader

    Thanks Aram! I really appreciate this review. I am glad you digested the material and find it useful. It will save you from making mistakes I made in the past when I didn’t know any better.

    I must also point out that you are not affiliated with the Lazy Trader and you are not receiving a single penny for this review, which is something I believe your readers should know. It’s all out of your good will.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks again for the positive review.

  • Jonathan

    Great review Aram. Congrats Henrik on producing a fine product!