OptionAlpha Podcast Interview

OptionAlphaGraphicReaders of this blog know that I endorse very few trading websites or services, most of which were discussed in the blog post, Trading Mentors. One website in particular stands out when it comes to offering comprehensive daily training videos on options trading at an affordable price – OptionAlpha.com. When I began my recent foray back into the world of options trading several years ago, Kirk DuPlessis’ OptionAlpha.com is where I first turned. Kirk has been a great mentor to me and I was quite surprised when he invited me to be on the OptionAlpha.com podcast, currently one of the top-rated investment podcasts. Today the show went live and you can hear the interview by clicking below.

More information on this particular episode of the podcast can be found at optionalpha.com/show36. If you enjoyed the podcast, please take a moment to rate the show and leave a review. Also, please be sure to check out the myriad of free content available on Kirk’s website.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it.

  • It was great to have you on the show Aram!

    • Aram Basmadjian

      Thanks for the opportunity, Kirk! You are doing a great job educating traders in a no-nonsense, unbiased forum.

  • The Lazy Trader

    Great Interview!
    It’s awesome that Kirk interviews not only established, big league hitters but also everyday traders. Next Door type of traders.
    Good job guys!

    • Aram Basmadjian

      Thanks, LT!

  • Kirk is a great guy and one of my earliest mentors. I had many one-on-one training with him learning the basics of selling spreads. He is a top notch trader and educator. I enjoyed this interview.